County Hearings, etc.

Probably the biggest factor in the protection of our community is the work of various County agencies regarding regulation of building and zoning codes. Much of the work of the GKCA involves participation in hearings held by these County agencies on matters brought before them. These include the following:

  • Code enforcement cases
  • Community Input Meetings (CIM) on proposed developments
  • Requests for variances to County building codes
  • Appeals of zoning and code enforcement decisions
  • Actions to place properties on the Landmarks list
  • County Council meetings
The GKCA may take an official position for these hearings, but only after approval of the position by the board. Board members may then testify on behalf of the Association. In addition, individual members are encouraged to participate in support of issues they are concerned about.

Scheduled hearings/meetings of interest

Besides being published in the Jeffersonian and posted on the property, a list of scheduled hearings and information concerning the issues to be discussed is posted on-line by at the county web site

Also check the latest Community Update Newsletter.

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Updated 7 Aug 2012