A "Sign" that We Care
(Winter 2005/2006)

The GKCA has met at the Kingsville Elementary School at 7:30 p.m. every third Wednesday for decades ...please mark our meet­ing dates on your calendar. The only times we don't are in August, when we don't meet unless neces­sary, in December, when we won't meet unless we have to (!) and in July, when our meeting place is typi­cally at the fire hall. GKCA does not put up signs as to when we have community meetings because we believe such "litter on a stick" signs are against our philoso­phy about what contributes to the rural quality of our community. Quite frankly any signs - other than necessary traffic control signs - cre­ate clutter and give a non-rural, suburban appearance. Besides, there are county code regulations con­cerning signage, and signs placed in the Kingsville Triangle, or other public land, are against the law.

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Updated 15 Feb 2006