Volume XXIII, Number 1 Spring, 2008



Dear greater Kingsville residents:
I want to thank the community for
your support and investment in
preserving the rural character of
Kingsville since 1974. I also want to
extend a warm welcome to all those
who are new to our community, and
invite you to our meetings held ev-
ery 3rd Wednesday of the month at
7:30 p.m. at the Kingsville Elemen-
tary School Library.
   After I became GKCA president,
it occurred to me to look back over
my 40 years of residence in Kings-
ville and attempt to reflect upon the
reasons for my commitment to this
organization and to maintaining a
rural atmosphere in our community.
My grandmothers' memories of
Belair Road being the only "dirt"
road into the city, and their stories of
life on the farm, still resonate with
me long after their departure. The
quote: "Think Globally, Act Lo-
cally" is more my style than trying
to change the world. Therefore, I
have attempted to fulfill my passion
for safeguarding those things I value
and cherish the most through The
Greater Kingsville Civic Association.
   Many of our members have spent
countless hours on County com-
mittees, rural strategy planning and
attendance at Baltimore County
zoning hearings, in order to ensure
that the laws are upheld as they
apply to development in our area.
The objectives of the Association
are to use the combined efforts,
talents, resources and influence of
its members to improve and pre-
erve the community, and for other
non-profit purposes. At times there
has been a great deal of confusion
among citizens about topics ranging
from the Comprehensive Zoning
Process all the way to why there are
"two" community organizations. If
you want up-to-date information re-
garding these issues, please join us.
   The topic has already been
broached, but for those new to our
community, the signs you see on
the roads advertising "Community
Meeting" do not refer to the meet-
ings held by the Greater Kingsville
Civic Association. Our goals and
intent are clear, and although there
are some in the community who
are distressed enough to form their
own group with goals and motives
different from the Greater Kings-
ville Civic Association, we have not
changed. We stand behind the same
purpose we put forth in 1974, and
we are aware that there are going to
be those who do not agree with our
stance. Such is life ... but my con-
viction and efforts are rooted in the
same motives as when I joined this
organization over 17 years ago...
   The economy has influenced the
development patterns in our com-
munity, and undoubtedly we have
all witnessed the traffic increases;
commercial establishments invading
residential areas; strange weather
causing extremes of droughts or
flooding, bright lights going up,
and more trees coming down. The
GKCA is struggling to close the
present loopholes in the zoning
regulations that do not differentiate
between development patterns in
urban and rural areas of Baltimore
County. Through your support and
participation in the GKCA some of
these consequences may be miti-
gated and we may enjoy the peace
and solitude that our community
provides. Thank you for investing
any effort through volunteering
your time and/or financial support,
in our joint effort to preserve our
community for generations to come.
-Leigh Keller

Please visit our website: www.gkca.info

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