Volume XXIII, Number 2 Fall, 2008



Dear Greater Kingsville residents—thanks again to everyone in the community who has invested their time and financial support during the past year. I want to extend a special invitation for everyone to attend our General Membership meeting on September 17th. Our County Councilman, Bryan McIntire, has been invited to answer questions, and our guest speaker, Philip Humbertson, from the State Highway Administration, will speak on the traffic projects impacting our area.

Many of our members have spent a great deal of effort working this past year on the CZMP (Comprehensive Zoning Map Process), which concluded August 26th with the County Council’s approval of the new zoning map. As a result, the following are some of the changes that took place in our area: downzoning of the old Belko factory in Franklinville, which will provide greater environmental safeguards, and downzoning of the southeast corner of Sunshine Ave and Harford Rd, to promote additional rural protections. The remaining part of the Langenfelder farm within Longfield Estates was downzoned to RC 7. Several requests for upzonings from residential to business were denied. Large areas of the Gunpowder Falls State Park, the Gunpowder Falls Golf Course, and two adjacent

properties were downzoned at Councilman McIntire's initiative. The full results for issues in the GKCA area are shown on our web site at GKCA.INFO under the link CZMP. We extend a heartfelt thank you to our exceptional hardworking County councilman and his dedicated staff.

Additionally, our members have been working very hard on a variety of issues impacting our community. Some of these issues also affect those beyond our formal borders. For example, some of our members are involved in the electronic changeable copy sign legislation—the very bright flashing or scrolling digital signs that are becoming ubiquitous throughout our county. There are many concerns about these signs in rural areas, and we are really pleased to have worked with the Baltimore County Planning Office and Planning Board on this project. The Planning Board agrees that these signs are not appropriate for rural areas, and currently reccomends that the County Council prohibit these signs in CR districts and/or outside the URDL (Urban Rural Demarcation Line).

I want to especially thank Linda Alexander and all the volunteers and members who helped put together another fantastic and successful 4th of July parade. Thank you Linda!!!

All of this year’s accomplishments would not be possible without the volunteers who give of their valuable time and energy and without your financial contributions. Please join us or renew your membership, attend our meetings, and give your support in any way possible, so we can continue our mission of preserving the rural integrity of our community.

-Leigh Keller

Membership Meeting

Septemebre 17, 7:30 p.m.

Please join us for our Fall semi-annual meeting which will be held at the Kingsville Elementary School. Guest speaker Philip Humbertson from State Highway Administration will discuss:

  • The proposed roundabout at Harford and Mt. Vista Roads
  • The replacement/ realignment of the US 1 bridge at the Little Gunpowder
  • US 1 "improvements" and other current and future SHA projects.
Please attend to get more information and share your thoughts and concerns about all the topics in this newsletter and other issues.

Please visit our website: www.gkca.info

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