Contact County/State

Below are various phone numbers and online links to help you contact Baltimore County or the State for various problems:

  • 410 887-3391 To enquire about zoning or Online
  • 410 887-3351 To report code violations or Online
  • 410 887-7428 To report clogged storm drains and ditches
  • 410 787-7650 To report burned out traffic signals on state roads (ones with numbers like Belair Rd)
  • 410 887-3554 To report burned out traffic signals on county roads
  • 410 887-3560 To report a pot-hole on county roads or Online
  • 410 887-2222 To report traffic problems (illegally parked vehicles, etc)
  • 410 887-5961 To report dead animal on county roads
  • 410 780-2640 To report dead animal on state roads
  • 410 887-5194 Questions about the Recreation and Parks activities or
  • 877 225-0412 To file a complaint about illegal advertising signs in State Road right-of-way
    (or write to Rick Shown, SHA, 8375 Pulaski Hwy, 21237)

Alphabetical index of County Agencies and Offices

For more links, go to the Baltimore County web site at
or the State web site at Maryland/gov.

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Updated 17 May 2010